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Configuring Firewall Analyzer Parameters

You can configure Firewall Analyzer to handle .

Firewall Analyzer User Input Configuration

To carry out the advanced configuration in the Firewall Analyzer, access the following URL in the browser:

http://<hostname of Firewall Analyzer>:8500/fw/userConfig.do

The Firewall Analyzer User Input Configuration page will be displayed.

Enter the values and select the options as per your requirement.

Configuration Parameters
Data Crunching Limit Value   Save | Reset
PDF Report Row Count 10 Save | Reset
Minimum Disk Space Setting 5 Save | Reset
Destination By Port true/false Save
Nipper Location <The location where Nipper is installed, only for Linux> Save
Context Based Config Change true/false Save
Admin User Groups <User groups that have admin access to Juniper SSLVPN box> Save | Reset
Virtual Firewalls Select your Firewall Name, <names of Firewalls> Save
Scheduled Reports Save Location : Enter the folder name (location) in which the scheduled reports generated will be saved Save | Reset
DMZ Interface Details Specify the interfaces associated with DMZs which will determine the direction of the firewall rule Save
Index Traffic Logs true/false | Flow rate is  <0>  logs/sec. All traffic logs are indexed, if this option is set to 'true' Save


The parameters which can be configured are explained below:

  • Data Crunching Limit Value:

It allows you to set the number of rows to be moved from one level to another level say for example hourly to daily, daily to monthy etc.

  • PDF Report Row Count:

It allows you to choose the number of rows that you want to see in the PDF report. Allowable range is 10 to 100.

  • Minimum Disk Space Setting:

It allows you to set the minimum disc space (in GB) at which you would like to get warned.

  • Destination By Port:

Applicable for Cisco PIX device. Setting this parameter allows Firewall Analyzer to decide the destination based on the minimum value between source and destination ports.

  • Nipper Location:

  • For linux installation, provide the location where Nipper is installed. (ex: /use/bin/nipper ) 

  • Admin User Groups:

  • For Juniper SSLVPN box, provide the user groups that have admin access (Each group should be comma separated. For Eg:Admin Users,Employee_Administrator). 

  • Context Based Config Change:

  • By setting this parameter,Firewall Analyzer will provide context based email notification for firewall configuration changes. 

  • Virtual Firewalls:
  • Unselect the device to disable virtual firewall detection.Select the checkbox to enable it. 

  • Scheduled Reports Save Location:

Specify the location to save the scheduled reports generated.

  • Index Traffic logs :

Ensure that the flowrate is less than 500 logs/sec and enable this, else contact support.




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