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Configuring Firewall Analyzer Status Alerts


You can configure Firewall Analyzer to raise alert on failure status.

Firewall Analyzer Status Alerts Configuration

To carry out the status alert configurations in the Firewall Analyzer, access the following URL in the browser:


http://<hostname of Firewall Analyzer>:8500/fw/fwaStatusAlert.do


The Firewall Analyzer Status Alerts Configuration page is displayed.


Select the options and enter the values as required.


Configure Alerts
Alert when database gets corrupted (only MySQL)
Alert when available disk space goes below _ GB
Alert when Syslog Server port(s) go(es) down
Alert when Firewall Analyzer fails to archive log files


Configure the email alert notification in this section.


Notification Options


Mail To: _,_,_,_,__ * Mail Server is not configured. Click here to configure


Send once , Afterwards, send every _ hours, till the status become normal


Enter the mails IDs separated by comma to whom you to notify the alerts. Configure the Mail Server, if it is not configured already. Choose to send the notification once or once and afterwards after specified hour(s) till the status becomes 'Normal'.


Use the Submit button to configure the alerts, Disable button to disable the alerts and Close button to close the screen.






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