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Configuring SNMP Trap Notification for Firewall Analyzer Alerts

Firewall Analyzer can notify the Alerts as SNMP Traps to an Network Management System, Element Management System, Asset Management System.


To enable the SNMP Trap Notification carry out the following:

  • Edit the script file sendtrap.bat/sendtrap.sh located under <Firewall Analyzer Home>/tools folder as given below.

In the Manager parameter, change the localhost to <IP Address or Domain Name of the SNMP server>.

  • The default Port Number used for SNMP Traps is 162. If you want to change port number edit as given below.

In the Port_Number parameter, change 162 to <New Port Number>.

  • Create alert with Run-Script notification and enter the sendtrap.bat/sendtrap.sh script file location.

Alerts will be notified with SNMP Traps, only if the respective Alert Profile is created with the Run-Script (with sendtrap.bat/sendtrap.sh) option.

This facility is available in both Admin Server and Collector Server of Distributed Edition and Standalone Edition.

This facility is also available for Firewall Availablilty Alerts in Collector/Standalone Servers and Collector Availablilty Alerts in Admin Server.

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