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Firewall Compliance - Policy Overview Reports

Firewall Analyzer offers an exhaustive set of Firewall policy reports under the Compliance report section.

This report is supported for Cisco, Fortigate, and Juniper SRX devices.

The report consists of two sections. They are:

Rules Details section

Rules details

This section displays the statistics and total rules report. The statistics present the various rule counts and the total rules report presents the details of the rules in a table. The details available in the table columns are:

  • Name
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Source Interface
  • Destination Interface
  • Authentication
  • Status

Additinal details (columns) available for display are:

  • Direction
  • NAT
  • UTM
  • Schedule
  • Schedule TimeOut
  • Traffic Shaper
  • Comments

The report available in the HTML format visible in the User Interface can be exported to PDF and CSV formats. This PDF or CSV report will be emailed using the Schedule menu. All the schedules created for report generation are listed under Scheduled List.

Narrow down rules search

Search facility in the Rules Report section allows to narrow down the results successively.

Unused Rules section

Unused details

This section displays the Unused Objects report and Unused Interfaces report.

The Unused Objects report covers the following details:

  • Object Name
  • Object Details
  • Type

The Unused Interfaces report covers the following details:

  • Interface Name
  • IPAddress
  • Type
  • Mode
  • Services Allowed
  • VDOM
  • ARP Forward

Unused Rules report is supported for Palo Alto and NetScreen devices.


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