Firewall Configuration Backup

    Firewall Scheduled Configuration Backup:

    This feature allows you to backup firewall configuration. You can schedul the configuration backup process for the devices using either CLI or API.

    In the Config Backup report, the backups schedules configured by you are listed and device wise, date wise configuration backups are displayed.

    For complete list of devices supported for configuration change management reports, refer the Supported Firewalls page.

    • Select Compliance > Config Backup tab.
    • Under Config Backup there are two tabs:
      • All Schedules - It shows all the schedules created for configuration backup.
      • Backup Audit - It lists all the backups of the specified device based on different filter criteria.

    In the All Schedules table, all the backup schedules you have configured are listed. The details of the schedules are:

    • Schedule Name
    • Device name
    • Status
    • Next Run
    • Recurrence
    • Created By
    • Last Modified By
    • Backup Option
    • Actions

    In the Backup Audit table, all the backups scheduled by you are listed.

    To make the view the backups easy, apply the following filter

    • Device Name - Choose a specific device from the drop down list.
    • Schedule Type - Choose the type of schedule from the drop down list, All Schedules, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Once.
    • Select Time - Choose the time period from the drop down list, Today, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Custom.

    The details of the backups are:

    • Backup Time
    • Schedule Name
    • Status
    • Config File

    To add a new backup schedule, click the Add Backup Schedule button. Add Backup Schedule window opens.

    • Enter a name for the schedule in the Schedule Name field.
    • Select the devices for the configuration backup to be scheduled from the Available Devices list and push to the Selected Devices list.
    • Select the periodicity of time from the Schedule - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once.
      • For Daily schedule, select date in the Starts From field and time in the Execute At field Hours and Minutes.
      • For Weekly schedule, select day of the week from the Execute Weekly list and time in the Execute At field Hours and Minutes.
      • For Monthly schedule, select month of the year from the Execte Monthly list, select the date from the On the Date field and time in the Execute At field Hours and Minutes.
      • For Once, select date in the Execute On field and time in the Execute At field Hours and Minutes.
    • In the Save Config & Email Notification section, choose the number of backups from the Save backup config drop down list. The number of backups are Last 3 backups, Last 5 backups, Last 10 backups, and Latest backup.
    • Select the Send backup status as Email check box if you want an email of the status of the backup.Enter the email address in the Email field and use comma (,) for multiple email address.
    • Enter the subject of email in the Email Subject field.
    • Note:

      If the Mail server setting is not configured, configure it.

    • Click Save button to save the configuration backup schedule and Cancel button to cancel the operation.