Rules Reorder Recommendation - Rule Management Reports

    The Rule Reorder sub-section in Firewall Analyzer Compliance tab suggests reorder of rules for better firewall performance. This section can be accessed from the Policy Reorder link of Compliance tab. 

    • Rule hit count (rule usage) and individual rule complexity is used to reorder rules of a firewall device
    • If the rules are reordered as per Firewall Analyzer's suggestion, it will improve the performance of the firewall device
    • Policy reorder process is resource intensive, so it is taken up on demand only

    Disclaimer: In the rule reorder process, you should give value for unresolved data. If the rules are valued, it is taken for further processing, otherwise those rules are dropped from reordering process. Refer FAQ.

    The policy reorder reports are firewall device specific, so select a particular device. You can refresh the reorder report with Refresh link. You can export the reorder report in to PDF format with PDF icon.

    Refer the Rule Management Report Support page, for the list of firewall devices.

    In the 'Policy Reorder' sub-section, two table are displayed.

    • Suggested Changes
    • Complete List
    Suggested Changes table

    This table displays the policy name, rule name, position of reorder from-to, hit count, and expected performance improvement after rules reorder in percentage.

    The Complete List table

    This table displays the policy name, rule name, position previous to reorder and hit count.