Firewall Analyzer - Get Started

    Once Firewall Analyzer has been successfully set up and started in your network, the next thing you need to do is start sending logs to the Firewall Analyzer server.

    As soon as you log in, you will see the Dashboard. If no devices are sending logs to Firewall Analyzer, you will see a welcome screen, with options to help you get started.

    The options are:

    Each of those options is explained below:

    Configure your Firewall

    If your firewall is capable of exporting logs to the displayed ports in Firewall Analyzer, then set the appropriate parameters in the firewall to do so. Click the How do I do this? link for specific instructions on setting up log exports on certain firewalls.

    Add Syslog Server

    If your firewall cannot export logs to the displayed ports in Firewall Analyzer, but can export logs to another port, click the Add Syslog Server link to add a virtual syslog server and start receiving exported logs on the newly configured port.

    Import Log File

    If your firewall cannot export logs, or you need to generate reports from a squid proxy server click the Settings > Firewall > Imported Log Files > Import Log link to import a log file from the local machine or a remote machine via FTP.

    Simulate Logs

    If you don't want to receive log files from any of your live devices, but still want to generate reports, go to Settings > Firewall > Add Device > Simulate link to simulate firewall logs.