Firewall Analyzer - Introduction

    A Firewall is an important perimeter defense tool which protects your network from attacks. Security tools like Firewalls, VPN's, and Proxy Servers generate a huge quantity of traffic logs, which can be mined to generate a wealth of security information reports.

    What is Firewall Analyzer?

    ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a browser-based firewall/VPN/proxy server reporting solution that uses a built-in syslog server to store, analyze, and report on these logs. Firewall Analyzer provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on firewall traffic, security breaches, and more. This helps network administrators to proactively secure networks before security threats arise, avoid network abuses, manage bandwidth requirements, monitor web site visits, and ensure appropriate usage of networks by employees.

    Firewall Analyzer analyzes your firewall and proxy server logs and answers questions like the following:

    • Who are the top Web surfers in the company, and what web sites are they visiting?
    • How many users inside the firewall are trying to access web sites with inappropriate content?
    • How much network activity originates on each side of the firewall?
    • Are we experiencing hack attempts? Where are they originating?
    • Which servers receive the most hits?

    This User Guide will help you install Firewall Analyzer on your machine, and get familiar with the Firewall Analyzer user interface. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in this document, please let us know at