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About Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer automatically collects, correlates, and analyzes security device information from enterprise-wide heterogeneous firewalls, and proxy servers from Cisco, Fortinet, CheckPoint, WatchGuard, NetScreen, and more.

The following are some of the key features of this release:

Feature Description
Multiple firewall vendor support Support for most leading enterprise firewall appliances, proxy servers, IDS, IPS and VPN security devices
Automated syslog collection and processing Automatically collects and parses logs, and updates the database at user-defined intervals
Syslog archiving Allows for archiving of log files at user-defined intervals. The archive files are encrypted, hashed and time stamped for tamper proof storage
Bundled database Stores and processes syslog data in the bundled PostgreSQL database. Allows you to use MS SQL database, if available in your enterprise.
Dashboard Provides a quick view of current activity across all devices from a single place
Automatic alerting Automatically notifies and warns against specific events based on user-defined thresholds. Reports on network behavioral analysis can be obtained from Anomaly Alert Reports.
Pre-defined device reports Includes traffic analysis reports across all devices or specific to firewalls, and proxy servers
Historical trending Allows you to analyze trends in bandwidth usage, protocol usage, etc. over varying time periods
Customizable report profiles Allows you to build reports to meet your specific needs
Report scheduling Automatically generates reports at specified time intervals and delivers them as PDF reports via email.
Multiple report formats Generates and exports reports in HTML, PDF, and CSV formats.
Advanced user management Allows you to create different users and set appropriate access privileges
Multi-platform support Runs on Windows and Linux platforms
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