Firewall Analyzer - Inventory - Cloud Services

    The Cloud services tab shows the cloud services accessed via the added firewall device. It also shows the number of cloud services, using less and greater than 20% of the bandwidth capacity along with the specific category of that cloud service. By default, the cloud services are listed in table view, click on the view menu to change to list view. The cloud services can also be searched for using the search menu.


    The following data is shown in the Cloud services tab

    Service Name The name of the cloud service
    Category The category under which the cloud service falls
    Total Traffic Total traffic consumed by the cloud service

    On clicking on any one of the Cloud service, a short summary for that live traffic is shown. 

    On expanding the short summary, you get access to in depth reports which has the following graphs.

    1. Bandwidth usage by that cloud service


    2. The user, host and applications connected to that cloud service