Firewall Analyzer - Inventory - Used Rules

    The Used Rules tab shows the rules that have been triggered. It also shows the number of allowed rules and denied rules. You can view the rules triggered for the given day, last 24 hours, 7days, 30 days or custom filter the time. By default, the used rules are listed in table view, click on the view menu to change to list view. The used rules can also be searched for using the search menu.


    The following data is shown in the Used Rule tab

    Rule The rule number that has been used
    Status If the status of the rule is to deny or permit.
    Hits The number of hits of that specific rules
    Total traffic The total traffic that was accessed using that specific rule.

    On clicking on any one of the Used Rule, a short summary on the number of hits is shown. 

    On expanding the short summary, you get access to in depth reports which has the following graphs.

    1. Rule usage trend for that specific rule is shown.


    2. Rule usage and rule description of the specific rule is also listed.