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Viewing Alerts


After setting up an Alert Profile, select the Alerts tab to see the list of alerts triggered. By default, the Alerts tab lists all the alerts triggered so far. The list shows the timestamp of the alert, the host which triggered it, the alert priority, and the status of the alert. Clicking on each alert profile would provide the details of the alert like why, when, & for which device the alert was triggered.

Viewing Alerts for an Alert Profile

The Alerts box on the left navigation pane lists all the alert profiles created so far. Click on each alert profile to view the corresponding list of alerts triggered.


The Email icon against an alert profile indicates that an email notification has been setup. The Script icon against an alert profile indicates that a Run Script action has been setup. The Email icon against an alert profile indicates that an SMS notification has been setup. The enable icon indicates that the alert profile is currently enabled and active. To disable the alert profile, click on this icon. The alert profile is now disabled, and the disabled alert icon is shown. When an alert profile is disabled, alerts will not be triggered for that alert profile. To start triggering alerts again, click on the icon to enable the alert profile.

To edit an alert profile click on Edit Alert icon. To delete an alert profile, click on the Delete Alert icon.

The Alerts tab lets you view alerts for various alert profiles set up. To manage alert profiles, click the Alert Profiles link in the Settings tab.

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