Radius Server Reports


RADIUS servers are responsible for receiving user connection requests, authenticating a user, and then returning all of the configuration information necessary for the client to deliver the service to the user. Radius Server Usage Reports are a valuable source for helpdesk troubleshooting purposes, and analyzing end user or group-based network access patterns.


The Radius Server Reports section in Firewall Analyzer includes reports that are based on Radius server logs. This section can be accessed from the left navigation pane or the Reports tab.


Tip In order to generate Radius server reports, you need to configure your Radius server to export logs to Firewall Analyzer


The Show bar lets you choose the level of detail in the reports. By default, the top five values are shown. Click on the pdf export icon to export this report to PDF. Click on the csv export icon to export this report to CSV format (comma separated values).


Below each graph click the Hide Details link to hide the table. Click the Show Details link to see the table again.


The following reports are generated based on Radius server logs:


Report Description
Top Radius Users This report identifies top talkers based on the the number of bytes of traffic transferred through the Radius server in each session
Users with Maximum Concurrency This report shows the users with the longest session duration, as accounted by the Radius server.
Request Distribution Trend - Hourly This graph shows the trend of the average number of requests received by the Radius server every hour
Usage Summary This report shows the summary of requests processed, and total traffic transferred through the Radius server



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