Security Settings - Archive Encryption - Firewall Analyzer

    In order to address the regulatory compliance requirements of archive logs, Firewall Analyzer two fold security measure. They are:

    Encrypting Archived Log files

    Firewall Analyzer encrypts the log archive files to ensure the log data is secured for future forensic analysis and internal audits. Encryption makes the log data unreadable for human. It can be only decrypted by the Firewall Analyzer application.

    Time stamping

    The time stamping technique ensures that the archive data files are tamper proof. If there is a modification of file, this technique will reveal that the file has been tampered.

    To enable encrypting and time stamping of archive files, follow the steps given below:

    In Settings screen, select the Security > Archive Encryption link. Archive Encryption page appears.

    • Enable or Disable Archive File Encryption.
    • Enable or Disable Time Stamping.
    • Click Save to archive file encryption settings.