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Working Hour Configuration


Here you can configure the Working and Non-Working hour patterns of your enterprise. This will help you to distinguish between the working and non-working hour firewall log trends. By default, 10 - 20 Hours are considered as Working Hours and the remaining hours are considered as Non working Hours.


Two options are provided for configuring the working hour patterns.

  • General
  • Here you can mention the Start Time and End Time for your official working hours, and all hours outside the given range is considered as non-working hours.

  • Advanced
  • This option provides more customized working hours classification.For example, you may mention intermittent working hours like 8-12, 15-18, 19, 20, 21 Hours. Which means your non-working hour are 12-15 Hours and 21-8 Hours.

Note Working hour and Non-Working hour traffic details for external hosts (hosts outside the LAN) will not be available in the Firewall Analyzer reports.
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