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Protocol Trend Reports


The Protocol Trend Reports section includes reports that show trends in the amount of traffic generated using different protocol groups. Protocol trends help in identifying peak usage times for each protocol group, understanding user trends, and enforcing better policies to allow traffic from each protocol group.


On the top right side of the Report screen, there will be a drop down menu.

  • Export as

Export as


The Export as combo box lets you choose the format of the reports for export. There will be two formats for exporting. They are:

  • PDF
  • CSV

Click on the PDF to export this report to PDF. Click on the CSV to export this report to CSV format (comma separated values).


Below each graph click the Hide Table link to hide the table. Click the Show Table link to see the table again.


The Hourly Trend Comparison reports for Web, Mail, FTP, and Telnet protocol groups compare the traffic generated using these protocol groups over the past day, with the traffic generated since the time the server was started.


The Working Hour and Non-working Hour Traffic Trend reports show the amount of traffic generated using each protocol group during working and non-working hours respectively, since the time the server was started.

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