Using the Top Right Tabs - Firewall Analyzer Client

    The top right tabs provides quick links to different tasks in Firewall Analyzer. 

    The following is a list of all components:

    Component Description
    Training Videos The Firewall Analyzer training videos are listed.

    Click this link to view the technical training videos of the YouTube Firewall Analyzer channel.

    Getting Started How to get strated with Firewall Analyzer is listed.

    You can search the Firewall Analyzer server. Search is available for the following categories:

    Search Categories

    • Alarms
    • Firewall Devices
    • Firewall Interfaces
    • Cloud Services
    • Used Rules

    You can search for alarms, firewall devices, firewall interfaces, cloud services and used rules.

    Notifications Firewall Analyzer notifies the users about the Approval Request and Web Alarm.
    Quick Links (Settings) Global Settings
    • Page Layout - In this link, you can set the NOC Screen Alignment to Left, Center, and Wide.
    • Menu Bar - In this link, you can set the left pane menu bar to Icon Only or With Label.
    • Automatic Refresh - In this link, you can enable or disable automatic refresh and set the refresh time interval (in minutes) for Firewall Analyzer dashboard and alarms page.

    Change Password

    Firewall Analyzer user can change his password here with change password mechanism. Enter the Current Password, New Password, and Re-type New Password.

    Language Selector

    You can chosse any of the following languages for Firewall Analyzer UI display:

    • English (US)
    • Japanese
    • German
    • French
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Korean

    Keyboard Shortcuts

       / Global Search
    ALT + D Home Dashboard
    ALT + I Inventory
    ALT + A Alarms
    ALT + G Gropu Chat
    ALT + C Clear Alarm
    ALT + L View Logs
    ALT + Q Submit Query
    ALT + SHIFT + A About
    ALT + SHIFT + S Screenshot feedback

    Take a tour

    Click the link to take a tour of the Firewall Analyzer product.

    Firewall Analyzer User


    In the About tab, you will see the Product Details and Add On Details  (Added/Licensed) of Firewall Analyzer:

    • License Type
    • Licensed to
    • Company Name
    • Build Number
    • Expires on
    • Maximum no of Devices

    Installation Info

    In the Installation Info tab, you will see the following Information about the installation of Firewall Analyzer instance,

    • OS Name & Version
    • OpManager (Firewall Analyzer) version
    • Working Directory
    • Database Type
    • RAM Size
    • Configured Heap (MB)
    • Total/Used/Free Heap
    • Load
    • Thread Count


    In the Register tab, register your Firewall Analyzer product license.

    Apply License
    To register Firewall Analyzer, select the license file using the Browse button and click the Register button.