View Device Details - Firewall Analyzer

    The Device Details link shows you the various devices from which logs are collected in Firewall Analyzer.

    The Unsupported Log Record Details table shows all the devices from which logs that are not supported by Firewall Analyzer are received.

    Click the View Record link to view the first few lines from the unsupported log record. Click the Tell Us link to open a popup window, through which you can send a mail to the Firewall Analyzer Technical Support team telling us about the unsupported log format. Type the relevant details, and click Send Mail to send the message. The Technical Support team will get back to you with more details about the unsupported log format, and how we can help you.

    The Supported Logs Received table shows all the devices from which logs supported by Firewall Analyzer, are received. The table list the device details like Device Name, Device Type (Firewall, Squid, etc.,), timestamp of the last received log file, the syslog port, current status of log collection, and the Manage Status (Managed, Unmanaged).

    The Schedules Executed table shows the schedules that have run so far, along with the user that executed the schedule, the report profile the schedule was associated with, and the status of execution of the schedule.