Network Information for the IT Manager

Traffic and Security of Enterprise Network - Snapshot View

As a CIO/CSO/IT Manager of an enterprise, you would like to appraise yourself of the traffic usage and security threatening activities of the enterprises network.

Firewall Analyzer addresses your requirement. It provides a snapshot view of the network traffic and security events of your network in the form of a dashboard. The dashboard displays the graphical overview and statistical snapshot of the total network traffic distributed among the protocols and security events distributed among various categories.

Network Traffic

For the network traffic, it addresses critical questions like who, when, and where, i.e., who (which host) is using your traffic, when (what time) the traffic was used, and where (which destination) the traffic was directed to.
You have the quick traffic reports. From the quick reports you can find out the traffic usage by

This gives a comprehensive yet concise view of traffic usage.

Network Security

For the network security, you can view the latest security events received (formatted or raw SysLogs) from a particular device.
You have the quick security reports. From the quick reports you can find out the security incidents by

Firewall Analyzer allows you to view the network information the way you would like to. It is flexible enough to allow you to customize the dashboard view.
It provides valuable information about usage of Firewall rules. It segregates the Unused rules of the Firewall and lets you to optimize the usage of the same.

There are slew of pre-built reports available in Firewall Analyzer. The manager can always drill down to any level of details (unto raw log level) he wants. Firewall Analyzer allows you to create the network reports as the way the manager requires it. It is flexible enough to customize the reports. Another powerful feature, Raw Log Search enables you to search from heap of raw logs.