VPN Log Monitoring and Reporting Software

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Note: This software is meant for enterprise IT and not recommended for home/personal use.

Firewall Analyzer is a VPN traffic log monitoring and reporting software. It analyses VPN logs and provides exhaustive reports on VPN users, VPN traffic and VPN bandwidth utilization.

With this VPN log analyzer tool, you can monitor the following details about VPN connections:

  • Details of individual user VPN sessions
  • Top users with failed VPN connection attempts
  • Most active VPN users
  • Most active VPN hosts
  • Most active VPN clients
  • Top protocols used in the VPN sessions
  • VPN bandwidth usage
  • VPN traffic usage
  • Details of VPN user groups
VPN Log Analysis, Alerts, and Reports

Furthermore, you can monitor which users are currently in session and the VPN trends for various time periods.


" Firewall Analyzer helps me to know the attacks that caused in my firewall and a drill analysis for each and every attack. It is a great product when it comes to notification. It helps our organization to know if there is any failed VPN transaction. "

-Samuel Uwayirungu, IT Security Officer, Tigo

Firewall Customers

Firewall Customers

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