Windows Sharepoint Manager

Sharepoint Management Tool

ManageEngine ADManager Plus’s Sharepoint Management Tool, a powershell based tool, enables administrators to view the entire SharePoint Environment in a Tree Structure. ADManager Plus’s free Sharepoint Reporting utility provides comprehensive reports on "Web Part" and "File Size" in a Sharepoint environment.

Web Part Inventory Tool:

The Web Part Inventory Tool lists all available Web Parts for any selected 'SiteCollection' or 'Site'.

Listing of the Web Parts on a Web Page:

This report provides information on all the Web Parts that are available for any selected Web Page.

Listing of the Web Pages for each SiteCollection:

This report provides information on all the Web Pages that are linked to a given Web Part for a selected Site or Site Collection.

File Size Report:

This report provides information on the sizes of all files in the specified Site or SiteCollection and also lists all the files which are Greater than or Less than a specified size.

Pre-requisites to using this 'SharePoint Management Tool':

  1. The SharePoint Management Utility will run only on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Installed machines.
  2. This utility also uses Powershell to report on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Environments.

Run 'SharePoint Management Tool' using Powershell cmdlet:

  • This freeware can also be run as a PowerShell cmdlet by executing the below commands on a command prompt.
  • 'add-PSSnapin SPMTool' followed by 'Get-SPMTool' .
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