DNS Reporter Tool

DNS Reporter Tool

ManageEngine ADManager Plus has brought you the 'DNS Reporter', a very convenient tool at your disposal that assures the configuration of your DNS server. The DNS Reporter Tool helps you gain information related to your network's DNS infrastructure. The user can view the details of the available DNS records, their corresponding record types, IP addresses and the servers's service details simply by entering the Domain Name.

Why should you consider this DNS Reporter tool?

  • It provides an instant insight into your organization’s DNS environment and various DNS records available in it.
  • It helps you get rid of lengthy and elaborate command-line tools to query DNS related information.
  • It is simple, time saving and comes in handy with the "Single Window ~ Triple Tab" dashboard.
  • This tool is a real task saver for the IT administrators as it returns DNS data merely by one mouse click.
  • This free tool is a DNS viewer that extracts information about DNS records in a network and presents it in a user-friendly interface.
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Prerequisites to use DNS Reporter Tool:

  1. Ensure that the DNS Manager snapin has been created in your machine. Use the following steps:
    • Click on the 'Start' button and search for 'Run'.
    • Open the Microsoft Management Console by typing in 'mmc' in the text box.
    • In the Console click on 'File' and go to 'Add/Remove Snap-in'
    • In the 'Available Snap-in' column click on 'DNS' and click on the 'Add' button. Click 'OK' to continue.
  2. Perform the following steps to ensure that Zone Transfer is allowed in the Domain Name:
    • Open DNS Manager Snap-in.
    • Expand DNS by clicking on the 'PLUS' (+) sign to open the sub folder view.
    • Expand 'Forward Lookup Zones' and identify the domain that requires reporting.
    • Right click on the domain and open 'Properties'.
    • Go to Zone Transfer tab and check on 'Allow Zone Transfer' 'to any server'

How to use this DNS Reporter tool?

  • Click on "DNS Reporter" from the "ADManager Plus Free Tools" console .
  • In the DNS Reporter tool window, enter the Domain name in the specified text box for which you have already enabled zone transfer.

    Please refer to the snapshot below:

    Get DNS Report

  • Click on 'Get DNS Report' button. The results shall be returned in three different tabs namely: a.
    DNS Records:This returns the Name Server Records, Record types and ip addresses of the host.

    Get DNS Report

    b. Authoritative Servers: Returns the details of authoratitive servers in a zone

    Get DNS Report

    c. Zones: Retrieves service records and specifies details of the server offering services.

    Get DNS Report

  • Click on the "Export as CSV" button, to get the results in a CSV file.
The data this tool reports helps you get a fair idea of your organization’s DNS enviornment. The neatness in the data presentation helps you notice accurate details about the services performed by the DNS, check its correctness, thereby ensuring order in your organisation's IT operations.
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