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Sharepoint Management Tool

ADManager Plus provides tools to report on SharePoint Environments. These tools allow administrators to view a Tree Structure of  the entire SharePoint Environment. The Sharepoint Reporting freeware utility from ADManager Plus provides comprehensive reports on "Web Part" and "File Size" in a Sharepoint environment.

Web Part Inventory Tool:

The Web Part Inventory Tool lists all available Web Parts for any selected SiteCollection or Site.

Listing of the Web Parts on a Web Page:

This report provides information on all the Web Parts that are available for any selected Web Page.

Listing of the Web Pages for each SiteCollection:

This report provides information on all the Web Pages that are linked to a given Web Part for a selected Site or Site Collection.

File Size Report:

The SharePoint Management tool from ADManager Plus also provides reports on the size of all files under a given Site or SiteCollection. This report lists all Files Greater than or Less than an inputted size.

Pre-requisties to using the tool:

  1. The SharePoint Management Utility will run only on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Installed machines.
  2. This utility uses Powershell to report on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Environments.