Free Windows Admin Tools Knowledge Base

1. I get "Access Denied" error on using the tools. What should I do?

The Access Denied error is shown for any of the following reasons:

  1. When you specify an invalid domain name or user name while adding the domain you will get this error. Ensure that you specify a valid domain bios name or FQDN. Similarly you need not include the domain alias name while adding the user name. Refer the below screenshot for better understanding 


  2. When the credentials supplied do not have necessary privileges to access the remote computers.
  3. When DCOM settings have not been enabled in the remote computer. Follow the steps below to enable DCOM:
    1. Start --> Run--> dcomcnfg
    2. Select Component Services --> Computers
    3. Right Click My Computer and select "Properties".
    4. In "Default Properties" tab, make following changes,
      1. Select "Enable Distributed COM on this computer" checkbox
      2. Select "Enable COM Internet Services on this computer" checkbox
      3. Change "Default Authentication Level" to "Default"
      4. Change "Default Impersonation Level" to "Impersonate"
  4. If the remote computer is in a workgroup (not part of a Windows Domain), the Forced Guest feature should be turned off. Make the following change in all the client computers:
    1. Start --> Run--> explorer
    2. Select Tools --> Folder Options
    3. Select the View tab.
    4. Unselect the option "Use simple file sharing" and click OK

2. When I use a tool, I get the error as "RPC Server Unavailable". How do I fix this?

The RPC Server Unavailable error is shown in the following cases:

  1. When the remote computer is not reachable. Check whether the system is up and running when any operation in done in remote computers.
  2. When Remote Administration is disabled in the remote computers Firewall. Follow the steps below to enable Remote Administration:
    1. Click Start --> Run
    2. Type gpedit.msc and click OK
    3. Expand Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Network --> Network Connections --> Windows Firewall --> Domain Profile.
    4. Right-click Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception, and then click Properties.
    5. Click Enabled, and then click OK.
  3. When the "File and Printer Sharing" exception is not added in "Windows Firewall" running in the remote computers.