Free SNMP MIB Browser - Knowledge Base

  • Latest 10000 traps will be maintained in the trapviewer . If the traplogging is enabled, all the traps after enabling the logging will be saved. But GUI will show only the latest 10000 traps. If the trap logging is not enabled traps are not logged
  • While adding a snmpv3 user entry without the context name and perform a snmp operations It gives a general failure error in the description. And on subsequent snmp operation will popup a message that "Unable to establish connection with the host <hostname>:port. And then to proceed further you should have to stop the existing operation from the mibbrowser to perform subsequent operation.
  • In the SnmpTable dialog of the MibBrowser, if we try to view a table with some in-accessible columns. There is a mismatch in the columns while trying to do set and view graph for such tables.
  • The default agent in the Agent Routing Table in the V3 Agent Configuration tool will not be enabled automatically. After making the entry you have to click on some other row or cell to activate it.
  • In the MibBrowser, the graph button in the SnmpTable dialog does not take the column name of the last selected column.
  • In the MibBrowser, BarGraph will not plot multiple values at a time.
  • Since multiple roots are shown in the MibTree now, get and getnext operation from the MibBrowser after selecting the module name will fail now. You have to select the mib node.
  • In SNMP Decoder, decoding of authPriv packet dumps cannot be done.