Continuous Stream Mining Engine

Continuous stream mining technology

The continuous stream mining (CSM Engine) engine is a Java-based complex event processing (CEP) engine for real-time complex pattern matching and event correlation across multiple events. The technology is based on effective strategies involving fast bulk-lookup rules matching; multi-granular context-sensitive resource modeling; temporal clustering and advanced sessionization; automatic threshold adaptation; de-noising and de-duplication; and heuristics-based event stream classification. The CSM engine primarily employs a rapid rules engine; a variety of data structures for indexing and caching; constructs for partitioning and windowing; and contracts, interfaces, and generic base implementations for data aggregation and event correlation. It offers a configurable, extensively customizable, API-rich framework for building high-performance event stream processing (ESP) applications.

Technical capabilities of continuous stream mining engine

  • High throughput and low latency stream processing
  • Asynchronous and parallel data processing
  • Rapid rules engine and flexible criteria profiles
  • Contextual resource modeling and problem heuristics
  • Advanced event correlation and mining algorithms
continuous stream miner

NetFlow Analyzer's Security module: The add-on your enterprise needs

NetFlow Analyzer is a robust and scalable platform offering bandwidth monitoring and unified traffic analytics for all your network nodes in real time. With technologies like IoT, SaaS, and cloud contributing employee productivity among organizations, maintaining a perfect security posture has become a major challenge. This is where NetFlow Analyzer's advanced security monitoring add-on comes in handy. It leverages agentless, centralized data collection and forensic analysis capabilities.

Key advantages of the Security module add-on

  • Centralized tool for data collection` and analysis
  • Categorizes threats and anomalies for easier troubleshooting
  • Visibility into internal and external security threats
  • Event-specific information for isolating issues

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