Case Study

The Challenge

In a highly dependent environment, ensuring a hassle-free and a speedy network was one of the core requriements the IT department was expected to meet. When the IT team received complaints about network sluggishness, they were expected to act on it in minimum time to restore the services. Since the network was the criticial channel that facilitated internal and external communication, it is availability was of utmost importance. Increased downtime would mean all-round panic and bring the operations to standstill state.

The Solution

The bank evaluated Solarwinds NetFlow Trafficc Analyzer and ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. They were able to generate traffic reports, top conversations, top talker information with both the products. However, they found that ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer outper-formed Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer as its reports were more insightful and informative. The reports were helpful in proactive detection of the root cause that resulted in network sluggishness. Thus, the issue got resolved in a matter of minutes.

They also felt that NetFlow Analyzer saved a lot of man hours that would have been spent in starting a packet capture tool. The time that would have gone into analyzing data from a packet capture tool was much higher and this time is critical to restore normalcy in the network. NetFlow Analyzer's insightful reports pointed the crux of the problem with precision and that too in almost no time.

They also found the threshold based alerts of NetFlow Analyzer to be very useful to identify odd traffic patterns in the network. This feature had the potential of reducing the number of issues and the network team would know of an upcoming issue before even it was reported from the users.

This way the IT department found a solution that was feasible, affordable and quite useful to serve their purpose


ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer gave them the following benefits:

  1. Accelerated troubleshooting
  2. Insightful reporting
  3. Minimum downtime
  4. Highly user-friendly and exportable reports
  5. High performing network at ease
  6. Saved effort that was needed to run packet capture analysis