Configuring Cisco Nexus 5k Series Devices


    Cisco Nexus 5k Series device support NetFlow export from the device. Please configure the below commands in the configuration mode:


    feature netflow

    flow timeout 60


    flow exporter netflowexporter

    destination {NFA serverIP}
    transport udp 9996
    source {Source interface}
    version 9
    template data timeout 60
    option exporter-stats timeout 60
    option sampler-table timeout 60
    option interface-table timeout 60


    flow record netflowrecord

    match ipv4 source address
    match ipv4 destination address
    match ip protocol
    match transport source-port
    match transport destination-port
    collect counter bytes
    collect counter packets long
    collect timestamp sys-uptime first
    collect timestamp sys-uptime last


    flow monitor netflowmonitor

    record netflowrecord
    exporter netflowexporter


    sampler netflowsampler

    mode 1 out-of 100


    Under all interface:

    ip flow monitor netflowmonitor input sampler netflowsampler