Customer Testimonials

"Lotus F1 Team Ltd. places great faith in the analytical reporting service offered by ManageEngine, its simplicity of use and simple GUI are also a unique benefit offered by their services. We would highly recommend this product to any other fast paced forward thinking business."

Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

"We have been using NetFlow Analyzer for the purpose of monitoring the bandwidth consumption across the school network spread around 35 sites at Elizabeth, NJ. We have found the product very helpful in capacity planning and in bandwidth related troubleshooting. I would recommend NetFlow Analyzer to anyone looking for a bandwidth monitoring solution"

Girish Kumar,
Cisco Network Team, Elizabeth Board of Education

Elizabeth public schools

"We use NetFlow on a daily basis to provide visibility on traffic patterns within our fire-walled perimeter. It is used both as a fault-finding tool, and a management tool to provide forecasting and monitoring facilities of our existing and future traffic requirements. NetFlow Analyzer's standard interface reports and custom reports are very helpful for us to determine network problems"

Garry Crothers,
Network Engineer, Queen’s University, Belfast

Queen's University

"By providing a real time usage statistics, NetFlow has empowered us to understand corporate in-house application network requirement and bandwidth usage. That has helped us in capacity planning and imposing required measurements. Application wise, it is very user friendly and away from routine network heavy terminology. My primary objective behind NetFlow-Analyzer-Solution was to bring visibility of network usage and based on that perform capacity planning for future application requirement, which I can confirm happily that fully achieved and more importantly seamlessly. I like to know more about your future products and enhancements you may have planned, if any BETA testing are under progress I shall be happy to host that"

Milan Modi,
ME area communication engineer,

DHL Group

"NetFlow Analyzer is an affordable solution for bandwidth monitoring. We have been using NetFlow Analyzer to manage our branch and central office bandwidth requirements effectively. It was able to correlate the vast NetFlow data exported from our Cisco Routers and provide us with rich reports that showed us the exact bandwidth utilization based on the type of traffic on the network. NetFlow Analyzer is an ideal choice for enterprise IT who need to detect network bottlenecks and provide a superior network connectivity experience to their end-users."

Raul Borges
Network Administrator, Praxair


"NetFlow Analyzer has helped us reduce the time taken to isolate and contain threats like worms and virus attacks. It has also helped us to solve network incidents faster, and do better capacity planning."

Fred Hassard,
Sr. Network Engineer, Adventist Health

Adventist Health

"NetFlow Analyzer provides centralized traffic analysis for our customer's networks with more than 100 interfaces spread geographically. It enables easy troubleshooting of traffic bottlenecks and helps us in capacity planning. The information provided is user-friendly and enables us to take informed business decisions."

Tapan D. Bhat,
General Manager & Business Head,
Managed IT Services, Wipro Infotech

Wipro Infotech

"For a long time, I've looked at congested WAN links and wondered exactly what was going over the wire. What users and what applications were at the root of the issue? RMON solutions were always too expensive and too difficult to implement. NetFlow Analyzer lets me know exactly who is talking to whom, and what applications are in use - I can now actively and aggressively manage my network traffic and solve congestion problems quickly and easily."

Ross Hunton,
Operations & Network Manager,
Tropical Shipping USA, LLC

Tropical Shipping

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