Configuring NDE on 4000 Series Switches


Follow the steps below to configure NDE on a 4000 Series switches.


Note The 4000 and 4500 series switches require a Supervisor IV with a NetFlow Services daughter card(WS-F4531) and IOS version 12.1(19)EW or above to support NDE.


Configure this device as for an IOS device, but omit the ip route-cache flow command on each interface. Then issue the following command:


ip route-cache flow infer-fields


This command ensures routing information is included in the flows. You will not enter the ip route-cache flow command on each interface.

A Sample Device Configuration

The following is a set of commands issued on a 4000 Series switch to enable NetFlow version 7 and export to the machine on port 9996 using FastEthernet 0/1 as the source interface.


switch>(enable)ip flow-export destination 9996
switch>(enable)ip flow-export version 7
switch>(enable)ip flow-export source FastEthernet 0/1
switch>(enable)ip flow-cache timeout active 1
switch>(enable)ip route-cache flow infer-fields

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