What's New in this Release?

NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition(7.1) can be downloaded from the website at http://www.netflowanalyzer.com/distributed-monitoring/download.html


New Features in Release 7.1 (Build 7100)

Feature Description
Billing / chargeback
Speed and volume based billing lets you chargeback and helpful in accounting.
Performance improvement The performance of NetFlow Analyzer has been improved


New Features in Release 7.0

Feature Description
Customizable Dashboard page for Operators & Guests
Users with Operator or Guest privilege too can customize their dashboards.
Business Hour Alerts

Alerts are generated only during the specified hours.

Customizable time period for traffic reports
Option to add a new report permanently under Report Selection box.
Sort by IN/OUT Utilization/Speed
Ability to sort data of Routers by IN/OUT Utilization, IN/OUT Speed, Alert count etc.
Adding TCP ports
Ability to add TCP_APP applications from the conversation tab.
Reporting on CBQoS
Useful for monitoring class based pre and post policy traffic usage, class based drops and queuing.

Conversation Distribution Graph

Ability to view graphs for any conversation.
Include or Exclude IP Network, Address and Range
Option to include or exclude IP Network, Address and Range while creating an IP Group.
Authentication using radius server
Useful for centralized controlling of access to resources in a network by a single global set of credentials.
Option to exclude encrypted applications
Ensures that traffic is not double counted in case of ESP/GRE tunnels.
Option to suppress output interface accounting on user defined interfaces
Useful when working with WAN accelerators .
Suppress Access Control List related drops Option to suppress the Access Control List related drops (based on destination interface being null) on user defined interfaces.
Viewing older scheduled reports
Option to view scheduled reports that were generated earlier from the user interface itself.
Option to select all devices
Option to select all devices including any new devices that will be added in future while associating a device group to a new user.
Keep me signed in Option to keep you always signed in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client.

 New Features in Release 6.5

Feature Description
Failover Automatic data backup and crash recovery
Realtime Traffic

Real time reports with graphs. Updates spontaneously as the data is received.

Hierarchical view Ability to see the devices in a hierarchical manner
Timezone settings for user Ability to view the reports / graphs according to user timezone
Autonomous System top 100 - 200 Lets the user view the top 100 and 200 Autonomous System

Interface Group across routers

Ability to group interfaces across the routers
Alerting in IP groups Ability to create alerts for IP groups
Refreshing the Page Page is refreshed automatically every minute

Option to remove completely the disabled collectors

Ability to remove the disabled collectors from the database
Google maps Ability to physically locate your network resources on a map

New Features in Release 6.0

Feature Description
Selectable Graph Option to click and drag on the graph for easier drilldown
Create Interface Groups Ability to group interfaces together and monitor traffic.
Application Grouping Ability to group together applications into a single logical entity
Enhanced Storage Period IN and OUT traffic details available with 1 minute granularity for upto 1 year
SAN Support Support for storing mysql data directory on SAN storage

New Features in Release 5.4

Feature Description
NBAR based Reporting NBAR(Network Based Application Recognition) - By intelligent classification of traffic lets you set QoS standard.
Link Down Alert Alerting feature enhanced to send an alert when link goes down or when no flows are received for 10 minutes
Associating IP address to application Associate IP address to an application in addition to port & protocol.

New Features in Release 5.3

Feature Description
DSCP Mapping Ability to report on DSCP mapping
NetFlow V9 Support Basic V9 support.
ToS & TCP_flag Reports based on TCP flags & TOS can be generated from the Trouble-shooting page.

New Features in Release 5.2

Feature Description
sFlow Support Support for sFlow data capture and reporting

New Features in Release 5.0

Feature Description
Threshold-based Alerting Set up alerts based on link utilization and send emails or SNMP Traps when thresholds are exceeded.
Troubleshooting Retain raw data for longer time periods (up to 2 weeks) to enable increased visibility into traffic data for troubleshooting and alerts. 
Support link Wide range of options to contact technical support in case of any problems running NetFlow Analyzer.
Enhanced Router Settings Specify whether router details need to be fetched based on IfName, IfAlias or IfDescription value.
Dashboard View Filter Filter Dashboard Interface View to display only those interfaces exceeding specific values of incoming or outgoing traffic.
Traffic Graph Filters Filter daily and weekly traffic graphs to show hour-based traffic details.
Enhanced IP Group Management Specify interfaces when creating IP groups to further filter traffic details for an IP group.
Web-based interface View the status of your links, and generate reports from just a web browser
Auto discovery of routers

Configure NetFlow export on your router, and see it automatically added on the Dashboard

Traffic Graphs

View instant graphs of bandwidth utilization per network interface. Graphs can be viewed based on traffic volume (Kb), traffic rate (bps), or percentage utilization of the link.

Historical Trend Reports

Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and custom time period bandwidth reports showing current, average, and peak traffic patterns

Consolidated Reports

View bandwidth reports per interface, showing complete bandwidth utilization details

NetFlow Devices

Categorize NetFlow devices into logical groups and monitor them exclusively

Traffic configuration

Identify most standard applications out-of-the-box and configure custom applications

User management

Add users with different privileges, assign device groups, and selectively allow access

SNMP Settings

Retrieve device information using SNMP, or configure custom interface descriptions


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