Device Group Management


NetFlow Analyzer lets you create device groups, which consist of a set of routers. A device group can contain any number of routers, and a router can belong to any number of device groups.


The Device Group Management option lets you create, manage, and delete device groups. Initially, when no device groups have been created, you will see a message that lets you start creating device groups.


Note The options visible under the Admin Operations menu depend on the user level you have logged in as. Look up User Management to know more about user levels and the respective administrative operations allowed.

Creating a Device Group

Follow the steps below to create a new device group:

  1. Click the Add button to create a new device group
  2. Enter a unique name to identify the device group. The same name is displayed in the Device Group menu on the left, and will be listed under Available device groups when managing a user.
  3. Use the Device Group Description box to enter useful information about the device group

  4. Select the routers needed for this device group from the list of available routers displayed

Once all values have been entered, click the Update button to create this device group and begin generating traffic reports for the same.


Managing a Device Group

Select an existing device group and click the Modify button to modify its properties. You can change all properties of the device group except its name. Once you have made changes to the properties of this device group, click the Update button to save your changes.


Select an existing device group and click the Copy button to copy its settings. This is useful when you need to create a new device group that includes the same routers as that of this device group. This saves you the trouble of adding the routers all over again. Then follow the same steps as those in creating a new device group.


Select a device group and click the Delete button to delete the device group. When a device group is deleted, it is removed from the Device Group List and the Device Group menu. All users assigned to this device group will not see this device group on their Dashboard.


Interface Group

Interface Group allows you to combine interfaces in order to monitor traffic. This can be useful for grouping multiple sub-interfaces into a single logical entity.Follow the steps below to create a new interface group:


  1. Click the Interface Group tab next to the Device Group tab
  2. Enter a name to identify the interface group in the Interface Group Name box .
  3. Use the Interface group speed box to enter the speed limit for the interface group

  4. Select the routers needed and the interfaces under them for this interface group. By selecting a router ,by default, all interfaces are selected. You can selectively unselect the unwanted interfaces from the list.
  5. Click on Add to save the changes.


The Interface group that is created is listed in the Dashboard view in the "Interface View" tab.The Interface group name, the In-Traffic & Out-Traffic for the last 1 hour can be seen in it.By clicking on the interface group name it is possible to further drill down to view further details. To delete a particular interface group select the interface group and click on delete


Modifying an interface group:

You can modify any interface group, later, by selecting the particular interface group to be modified and clicking on the "Modify" tab.

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