Aggregated Data Backup


For MYSQL backup

Steps to be followed to take backup of the Aggregated data :

1.Shutdown Netflow Analyzer

2.Execute the file BackupDB.bat -A ( -A, in Case of linux) under \troubleshooting folder.This will create a zip file under <Netflow_home> with the name ( Ensure that the zip file is not corrupted )

3.Copy the zip file to a remote backup location

4.Install the Netflow Analyzer (same build)

5.Start Netflow Analyzer

6.Shutdown Netflow Analyzer

7.Copy the zip file under the <Netflow_home>, and unzip the file at the same location

8.Navigate to the \troubleshooting folder and execute the command rawCleanup.bat (, in Case of Linux)

9.Start the Netflow Analyzer Server


For MSSQL backup

Please get details here -

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