Custom Search Report


    Custom Search Report is same as search report which allow you to generate the reports based on an Devices or interfaces. 

    You can select the device or its interfaces for which you need to generate an report based on the custom criteria.



    Under Select Criteria, enter the criteria on which traffic needs to be filtered. You can enter any of the following criteria to filter traffic:

    • Source/Destination Address
    • Source/Destination Network
    • Source/Destination Nodes
    • Application
    • Port/Port Range
    • DSCP

    Once the criteria is selected, please Define the appropriate criteria and click on add icon   to set the criteria that you want to filter, here you can multiple criteria's. Select option using the radio button to generate report either using Match all Criteria or Match any criteria.

    Match all the following option will only generate the report is all the custom criteria you provided match.

    Match any of the following option will generate the report is any of the provided custom criteria matches.

    Once done select on which Data you need the report to be generated either IN or OUT using the radio button. The From and To boxes let you choose custom time periods for the report.


    Once you select all the desired criteria, click the Generate Report button to display the corresponding traffic report. The default report view shows the IP addresses of the hosts. You can also sort the data displayed either by Number of packets or Bytes.




    You can export the report in CSV or Excel by click on the icon  at the bottom of the view.