HighPerf add-on

    The HighPerf add-on of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is designed to increase the raw data storage capacity of NetFlow Analyzer and improve the speed of report generation despite high data volumes.


    The key benefits of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer's HighPerf add-on are:

    1. Increased raw data storage
    2. Insightful reports
    3. Faster troubleshooting
    4. Improved data compression
    5. Assured minimum downtime
    6. Better capacity planning
    7. Better bandwidth management

    View the prerequisites and system requirements for HighPerf.

    1. Existing HighPerf and Deep Packet Inspection users can contact netflowanalyzer-support@manageengine.com for support.
    2. Try a free, personalized demo or to get a price quote.

    For installation steps, click here.