LAN WAN Report

    LAN-WAN reports can be used to generate detailed traffic reports specific to LANs and WANs in your network. This report gives detailed insights into the IN and OUT traffic between two LAN IPs (the LAN-LAN report) or between a LAN and a WAN (the LAN-WAN report).

    To generate these reports internationally predefined LAN IPs are preconfigured under Settings > NetFlow > LAN IP Settings. Here the LAN IPs can be modified and configured individually based on each router.

    Lan Wan Individual Graph
    Lan Wan Individual Graph
    Lan Wan Individual Graph
    Lan Wan Report DNS
    Lan Wan Report IP

    To generate this report, navigate to Reports > NetFlow > LAN WAN Report. Here select the respective tab to generate the LAN-WAN or LAN-LAN report.

    • Source: The category of source (here, Devices and Interfaces) for which you want the report to be generated.
    • Device: The specific device or interface under the category of sources for which the report is to be generated.
    • Time Period: The day(s) / the hours for which you wish to generate the report data.
    • Business Hour Rules: You can configure Business Hours to filter out and view only the reports generated within the business hours of your organization.
    • Weekends: Weekends can be excluded or included from the period the reports generated for.

    Click here to learn how to configure LAN IPs.