Switch to Distributed Monitoring in a single-click!

    The Distributed monitoring feature allows you to convert a StandAlone version of NetFlow Analyzer to Enterprise Edition - Distributed Architecture, where both the central server and probe runs on the same server. This feature allows users to upgrade to Distributed monitoring on a single-click.

    The Enterprise Edition in NetFlow Analyzer is designed to scale and manage network infrastructures distributed across the world from a single location. The sturdy Probe-Central architecture makes it possible to scale up as and when an enterprise grows and expands, without compromising on reliability. A typical Distributed monitoring setup involves a single Central Server and "n" number of Distributed collectors based on number of remote locations. The collectors collect & process the flows from the routers and passes the compressed data to the Central Server which provides a centralized web console for generation of reports. Learn more about NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition.

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    Converting to Distributed Architecture

    1. In the Essential Edition server, Go to Settings > Netflow > Distributed Monitoring.
    2. eeconver
    3. Check the Enable Distributed Monitoring box.
    4. Click Enable.
    5. In the confirmation window that appears, click Ok to proceed and restart the server to complete the process.
    6. eedmpage
    7. The Enterprise edition will be enabled once the server restarts.
    8. You can add one or more new collectors to this architecture.
    9. eerestartpage


    1. The process is irrevertible.
    2. It requires restart.
    3. Flows can be sent to Central server also if the internal collector is enabled.