NetFlow Traffic Reports


This section explains all the traffic reports generated by NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow Traffic reports are based on real-time NetFlow data exported from the NetFlow enabled routers. The traffic reports give you an in-depth view about the traffic patterns in your network. The traffic reports give you interface specific details of network traffic with one minute granularity. The traffic reports can be accessed by clicking on the interface names displayed in the device view. The traffic reports gives you details about the Traffic IN and OUT details of every interface in the network.


The traffic reports in NetFlow Analyzer include information on:

The reports can be generated for a specific time period from last 15 minutes to last quarter.You can also generate reports for a user specified time period by selecting custom report.The time period for these graphs is based on the current system time. Once you select the desired date and time, click on "Show" to display the appropriate traffic report. NetFlow analyzer also offers other reports like troubleshoot, consolidated, search and compare reports, which will be explained in this section.


Note: You can also view traffic reports for specific IP groups. Click on the IP Group name listed in the Device View.






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