HighPerf Reporting Engine FAQs

1. Why should you have HighPerf Reporting Engine?

HighPerf Reporting Engine has a complete set of unique benefits that it offers. Some of them are:


2. Will HighPerf Reporting Engine affect the performance of NetFlow Analyzer?

As long as the HighPerf Reporting Engine runs on a dedicated remote machine, it does not affect the performance of NetFlow Analyzer.

3. How does HighPerf Reporting Engine enhance the capabilities of NetFlow Analyzer?

NetFlow Analyzer is primarily an analytical tool. The flow data is collected from the devices, analyzed and it generates analytical reports based on collected data. The availability of raw data is of critical importance to the generating reports. With HighPerf Reporting Engine, raw data can be made available up to a period of 6 months. This repository of raw data can help in better analytics. These reports help in getting much better insights about the traffic statistics in your network.

4. What are the recommended settings and system requirements for HighPerf Reporting Engine?

Flow Rate(flows/sec)



Harddisk space(for 6 months)

Server Type

0 - 500

2.4 GHz Quad Core

4 GB

200 – 400 GB

64 bit

500 - 1000

2.4 GHz Quad Core

4 GB

400 – 800 GB

64 bit

1000 - 1500

2.4 GHz Quad Core

6 GB

800 GB – 1.2 TB

64 bit

1500 – 3000

3.2 GHz Quad Core

6 GB

1.2 – 2 TB

64 bit

3000 - 5000

3.2 GHz Quad Core

8 GB

2 – 3 TB

64 bit

5000 - 10000

3.2 GHz Quad Core

8 GB

3 – 6 TB

64 bit

Recommendation: We highly recommend users to install NetFlow Analyzer and HighPerf Reporting Engine on the same machine for maximizing the performance of both. A dedicated separate machine is recommended for installing and running HighPerf Reporting Engine

5. What is the installation procedure for HighPerf Reporting Engine?

Please download our installation guide from here.

6. What are the options to download the HighPerf Reporting Engine?

There are 2 ways to download and install the add-on. They are:

  1. HighPerf Reporting and NetFlow Analyzer as a single bundle
  2. HighPerf Reporting Engine - Separate installation
    When this module is installed in a remote machine as a server, it requires to be installed in the main machine as a 'client' to be able to generate reports etc.

7. What are the options of installing the HighPerf Reporting Engine as a separate add-on?

There are 3 modes of installing the HighPerf Reporting Engine:

  1. Full installation - DB server + client
    Please choose this option to install the HighPerf add-on in the NetFlow Analyzer server itself. This option requires NetFlow Analyzer home folder. Example, C:\ManageEngine\NetFlow
  2. HighPerf DB server
    Please select this option to install HighPerf DB Server on a remote machine connectivity to the NetFlow Analyzer Server. Requires HighPerf DB Client to be installed on the NetFlow Analyzer Server. This option is highly RECOMMENDED when flow rate is high [greater than 1000 flows/second]
  3. HighPerf DB client
    Please select this option to install High-Perf DB Client in NetFlow Analyzer server. This option requires NetFlow Analyzer home folder. Ex: C:\ManageEngine\NetFlow


8. Which build numbers support HighPerf Reporting Engine add-on?

The HighPerf Reporting Engine add-on is supported from NetFlow Analyzer 9800 onwards. Users of the earlier versions need to upgrade to the latest version of NetFlow Analyzer to be able to use the Highperf Reporting Engine add-on.

9. What type of servers support HighPerf Reporting Engine?

HighPerf Reporting Engine is supported in 64-bit servers alone. It cannot be run on 32-bit servers.

10. Are High Performance Reporting Engine and HighPerf Reporting Engine different?

No, they are the same thing. High Performance Reporting Engine is abbreviated as HighPerf Reporting Engine.

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