JFlow traffic monitoring

Get an integrated view of your JFlow traffic in real-time with NetFlow Analyzer

JFlow is a data flow sampling technology employed by Juniper switches and routers; it's currently supported by Juniper J-series and SRX series devices. NetFlow Analyzer monitors, collects, and analyzes exported JFlow data to provide real-time network performance analysis reports and identify top talkers and conversations.

With NetFlow Analyzer's JFlow monitoring and reporting features, you can avoid potential bandwidth bottlenecks, diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, and generate customized reports with one-minute granularity of in and out JFlow traffic. These reports are customizable, exportable, and available in real-time to help you plan future bandwidth needs and optimize usage.

You can also leverage on-demand billing and schedule bill plans for individual customers or departments based on bandwidth utilization.

Benefits of JFlow monitoring software

  • Monitor JFlow device traffic and generate reports.
  • Identify your enterprise's bandwidth needs avoid network bottlenecks in real-time.
  • Optimize bandwidth usage.

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With JFlow traffic analysis, you can:

  • Analyze and classify network traffic in real-time.
  • Assess how your network is being used and by whom.
  • Monitor and analyze traffic trends and usage patterns for capacity planning.
  • JFlow monitoring tool - Juniper JFlow Device Traffic - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  • JFlow monitoring tool - JFlow Application traffic report -
 ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  • JFlow Capacity Planning report - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  • JFlow Top Conversation List - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Network security analysis: reports and alerts

  • Receive emergency notifications for threshold-based alerts.
  • Create, schedule, and generate customized reports with one-minute granularity.
  • Detect a broad spectrum of external and internal security threats and use advanced network forensics to quickly troubleshoot network issues.
  • JFlow Alarms & Events - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  • JFlow Custom Search report - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  • Monitor JFlow Forensics Traffic Report - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
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NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based, real-time traffic analysis tool that leverages various flow types—including NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, and more - to provide a holistic view of your network's bandwidth performance with one-minute granularity.