Mediatrace reports with NetFlow Analyzer

What is Mediatrace?

Mediatrace is a traceroute technique to troubleshoot network problems by tracing the path of a media flow in the network. When there is media flow between a source point and a destination point, there is a path that the flow takes to reach the destination. This path would consist typically of routers and switches. Users expect the network to be up and running and it is extremely critical when they use the network for various important business-critical purposes like video calls, virtual meetings etc. When the network is stable, the flow is undisturbed and the result is hassle-free communication. But, when an abnormality occurs, it disturbs the smooth flow of media. To troubleshoot further and find out the exact source of the disturbance along the path in which it flows, Mediatrace acts as a great tool that is inevitable in today's networks that has media-rich content like never before.

NetFlow Analyzer's Mediatrace reporting capability:

Every network is unique in its own way. The business needs and the goals of a Enterprise have a large amount of influence in the way their networks are shaped. Mediatrace is a tool that offers a huge opportunity to get to the root of a network issue pertaining to media flows quickly thereby significantly reducing the troubleshooting time. But, to leverage the technology completely and get hold of all its advantages, you need a supporting tool to configure your network in a way that best suits your organization and measure results.

What information does NetFlow Analyzer's Mediatrace report give you?

NetFlow Analyzer offers support for Mediatrace which helps you implement Mediatrace monitoring on the supported devices and generates different kinds of reports that help you restore media flows on the network. These reports give real-time statistics about the path of the media flow and some key metrics that aid in faster troubleshooting and effective performance monitoring. The two types of metrics that the Mediatrace reports generate are:

  1. System metrics
  2. Performance metrics

The System metrics provide information like CPU utilization, memory utilization and INTF and the performance metrics consist of media metrics like that of TCP and RTP flows.


To know more about Mediatrace configuration and report generation, please click here.

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