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Real-time network traffic monitoring has been widely adopted by organizations as the go-to technique for staying aware of network performance and congestion issues. But there are several network issues that need a solution that goes beyond real-time traffic monitoring.

A persisting lag in your network can go unattended and impact the entire network's efficiency. Using a NetFlow reporting software will help manage risks in your network environment.

Keep your network performance fail-proof with NetFlow Analyzer's NetFlow reports

NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitoring tool that provides in-depth analysis on your bandwidth utilization and traffic. As a NetFlow reporting tool, ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer offers you an extensive range of troubleshooting reports which provide the cumulative traffic trends for your entire network or a particular device.

You can generate NetFlow Analyzer reports on who, what, and how of the bandwidth usage for a specific criteria and a period to know the trends that have changed for that particular host.

Types of NetFlow Reports

NetFlow Analyzer offers you various types of NetFlow bandwidth reports that offer visibility into the past, present, and future of your organization's bandwidth usage. You can generate the reports based on NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, NetStream, etc., to find the source which is consuming most bandwidth, and make informed decisions on resource allocation.

Search Reports

Generate reports from the aggregated data for a specific interface, IP address, or access point, for a given criteria and particular period. With search reports, you can explore the summary of bandwidth usage to find the usage by peak hours and resolve bandwidth bottlenecks easily.

Take Melissa, a reputed financial institution's network manager. To provide safe online banking for a growing customer base, Melissa needs weekly reports for every interface to ensure any abnormal network behavior is detected and isolated.

Search reports come in handy when she needs to know the traffic data of a particular protocol, application, or IP address of an interface. With NetFlow traffic reporting, she can monitor users interacting with the network and the bandwidth utilization of a particular IP group.

NetFlow Reports - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Compare Reports

Compare reports helps you check bandwidth usage for different time intervals and different sources such as Interface, IP Group, or Interface Group. You can check how different interfaces or IP addresses have been utilizing your bandwidth for the same time, and the same interface or IP address's bandwidth usage for different times.

Say a critical department in your organization complains that they can't access the network and their day-to-day tasks are getting delayed. There are two ways you can go about resolving this issue with our NetFlow reporter's Compare reports.

In seeing the traffic of the same IP group for different time periods, you can find out if the department's been having traffic spikes time and again. When you compare the traffic of different departments for the same period, and there's no unusual traffic behavior, you can move on to why only one department is facing issues.

With compare reports, you can deduce if the traffic spikes encountered by that particular department is representing only productivity or if this is some form of hacking attempt. You can therefore be able to see if the departments needs more bandwidth or if you have to restrict access to certain WAN links.

NetFlow Analyzer Reports - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Consolidated Reports

Generate a report for top applications, source, destination, QoS and conversation with a consolidated report for any source including interface, IP address, access point, and SSID. Get up to one-minute granular visibility into your network traffic, and keep track of the frequency of traffic spikes for performance and security purposes.

For example, managing wireless devices like access points for better performance on a network can be challenging. The issue can be due to poor signal strength, many devices using your network simultaneously, or a single user streaming a football match. Determining where your network is lagging can be difficult without extensive visibility. A consolidated NetFlow report will help you drill down to know the traffic volume, speed, and utilization 9of up to 100 top talkers of an Access point or Access point group. You can view the report with respect to top applications, users using the access point with client IP and MAC addresses, associated SSIDs, and their conversations.

NetFlow Report - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Inventory Reports

Generate reports with only the metrics that matter to you. With Inventory reports, you can get a combined traffic summary of a particular source such as Interface, IP group, Layer 4, and Layer 7 applications with criteria for volume or percentile. Generate traffic data that satisfies any particular requirement.

Many organizations struggle with bandwidth management as employees will be using media-rich applications like live video streaming. These Layer 7 applications consume most bandwidth without leaving enough for mission-critical applications. To go through every interface and their usage of Layer 7 applications requires a lot of time and effort.

Scenarios like this require Inventory reports, where the network admins can set an IN and OUT traffic volume criteria and see those applications that match this criteria. With a detailed report on applications using the most bandwidth, the network admin can restrict access or prioritize their business critical applications over other social media sites.

NetFlow Reporting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer


Forensics Reports

In-depth analysis of certain performance issues seeks accurate data from the past. Make your bandwidth monitoring more extensive with raw data analysis offered by . With our NetFlow reports, you can generate forensics reports using raw data that helps you know traffic and packet details by

  • Application
  • Source
  • Destination
  • QoS
  • TCP Flags
  • Next Hop
  • AS View
  • Conversation
  • Multicast
  • Medianet

While general NetFlow reports give you a statistical summary of your network's traffic, network forensics can tell you accurate traffic information using raw data. For example, wireless devices may be an efficient network option for better productivity, but they are unfortunately good at allowing intruders in on your organization's valuable information.

With network forensics' raw data analysis, you can access traffic information of access points with details such as application traffic, SSID traffic, Client MAC, Post and Pre DSCP traffic data, and more. Such extensive information can pinpoint the source of any bandwidth bottleneck, hence allowing you to troubleshoot issues faster.

NetFlow Bandwidth Reports - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Capacity Planning Reports

Capacity planning reports help you curb unwanted network upgradations, by giving you accurate bandwidth requirements for your organization. You can generate the capacity planning report for a specific source and traffic type including volume, speed, utilization, and packets. Using this configurable report, you can explore your bandwidth utilization and traffic data.

One of NetFlow Analyzer's customers had been witnessing occasional network outages in one of their branch offices as its employee numbers grew. Assuming it was because of not enough bandwidth, the organization kept upgrading the bandwidth. However, this only increased their investment and not the network's efficiency.

The organization later used NetFlow Analyzer's free trial for 30 days, utilizing the Capacity planning report. The network manager came to learn that their bandwidth was used up by Syslog application, which was hogging 90% of the bandwidth. With this information, they were able to allocate the bandwidth appropriately without any further investments.

NetFlow Traffic Reporting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Geolocation Reports

Gain visibility into country-specific traffic data up to the interface level with geolocation reports. You can configure the IN or OUT flow type and period, and get the traffic consumption data for the source and destination IP address by region.

There are many cases where the network admins lose track of what type of traffic is entering the organization. Utilizing this, hackers can perform malware activities and access networks by disguising it as a typical business request from different regions and it might go unnoticed.

Geolocation reports can help you find where particular traffic is coming from and view any volume that might be unusual for your network. This report can also be utilized by ISPs who want to know the establish new market in any region.

NetFlow Reporting Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Billing Reports

Generate bills according to base volume and speed automatically with billing reports. You can configure the data such as base value, additional values, currencies, and associate devices or groups. According to the interface bandwidth utilization, the additional cost will be calculated, and the interface bandwidth utilization bill will be sent to the recipients' mail address.

For example, an ISP of the largest telecommunication service provider can have a myriad of responsibilities to tackle, and managing bills is one of them. With billing reports, an ISP can choose a bill name and choose the bills to be generated based on volume. After the particular base volume of 100,000 GB has crossed, the cost per GB will be calculated based on the additional cost given by the ISP. This bill will be generated at the configured date and month, along with additional cost if the base volume has crossed.

NetFlow Traffic Reporting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Protocol Distribution Reports

View the bandwidth usage by protocols for any interface, IP group, or interface group for a custom period, flow, and traffic type. You can know which protocols are consuming the most bandwidth and ensure that your mission-critical applications can function smoothly.

In some cases, your organization might be using both known applications and homegrown applications. While there are about 10,000 applications mapped in NetFlow Analyzer, some of the Layer 4 applications might not be mapped. You can map those applications using app mapping.

NetFlow Reporter - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

LAN WAN Reports

Generate traffic reports for LANs and WANs in your network, and get detailed insights on traffic IN and OUT for LAN-LAN and LAN-WAN.

NetFlow Bandwidth Reports - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

One of the US's largest health care institutions faced a huge blow to their operations when the physicians found it hard to access patients' information due to a network issue. The network admin knew that bandwidth capacity was enough to keep the information accessible, but they couldn't find where or who is eating up the bandwidth.

With LAN-WAN reports, he was able to view the traffic passing between two LAN IP addresses, and also find the LAN and WAN IP conversations. By analyzing traffic data by individual users within the same network, and how they were interacting with WAN links, he was able to conclude how the bandwidth has been used.

Report automation

NetFlow Analyzer allows you to generate bandwidth usage trends reports without hassle. You can automate the report generation process, and NetFlow Analyzer will bring you the reports as configured, with Schedule Reports and Report Profiles.

Schedule Reports

Schedule any report type such as Search, Consolidated, Application, Forensics, QoS , etc., and get the configured report sent to the mail address for the scheduled time, without needing your inputs. You can schedule the report for any source such as Interface, IP Group, Access Point Group, etc.

When there are extensive duties to take up from ensuring reliable network, monitoring and managing configurations and security round the clock, generating reports to look at the performance trends every time is not an easy job.

Sam, an IT manager at a data center, was able to tackle this challenge with NetFlow Analyzer's schedule reports. When the number of clients increased, real time monitoring was not enough to assess ever-changing bandwidth requirements. Sam was able to automate the report generation process, receiving traffic information of any interfaces or IP groups as a report every week to find how the network was being accessed—all without manual configuration.

NetFlow Bandwidth Reports - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Report Profile

Simplify your bandwidth management by generating frequently accessed traffic data using Report profiles. You can create a report profile, and view the profile for application, conversation, source, destination, QoS, and DSCP reports. With these profiles, you can access the critical metrics data necessary to maintain your organization's performance.

NetFlow Reporting Tool

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