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In any organization, internet access is empirical to its smooth functioning; and to assure its strong connectivity, a reliable internet service provider (ISP) is required to steer and transit data at high speed. With an ISP, you can connect websites with your users and access cloud resources. It establishes a point-of-presence for the spatial area it serves. Monitoring ISPs becomes vital so you can find individual talkers with high latency, detect interfaces causing disruptions, and identify big data consumers that are not business-critical applications.

For instance, say ABC is an organization that uses a larger ISP so it can have its own high speed telecommunication carriers to deliver better service to its consumers. With a high-speed internet connection, there is better bandwidth that enables users and devices to coordinate and collaborate better. If, at any time, the ISP faces connectivity issues or lossy interfaces causing interruptions, it eventually impacts the organization. When there is a drop in internet speed, productivity and other perks that come with high-speed internet are sacrificed. A faster internet connection can establish uniform upload and download speeds. So, monitoring ISPs becomes an inevitable task in network monitoring that entails gathering relevant data, and responding and detecting to critical issues. Eventually, network engineers can analyze and share the information periodically with the ISPs through reports and make informed decisions proactively.

Monitor your internet speed and bandwidth with NetSpeed Tracker

NetSpeed Tracker is an agent installation for NetFlow Analyzer that analyzes and keeps track of the internet speed provided by an ISP. In particular, it monitors the upload and download volume of data at different time intervals and provides insights into jitter and latency issues.

An organization that primarily specializes in SaaS depends upon a high-speed internet connection for its activities, and speed also determines how many devices you can connect at once. A slow internet connection can hinder day-to-day activities, and with a faster internet connection, enhanced security and better bandwidth are ensured for the maximum number of users without any interruptions. With the workforce spread across both on-premises and hybrid environments, it's important to maintain better connectivity for all organization-standard purposes.

With NetSpeed Tracker, end users and network administrators can measure, evaluate, and track the overall speed of the internet connection provided by their ISP. NetSpeed Tracker enables you to monitor the health of the internet connection with respect to upload and download data, and volume received and sent. This agent installation gives in-depth insight into internet performance metrics such as jitter, latency, and the upload and download volume of data. This data is exclusively provided for different time intervals ranging from five minutes up to 60 minutes.

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NetSpeed Tracker's Reports

NetSpeed Tracker's Reports feature provides network administrators with real-time statistics. The data is graphically represented and displays key metrics such as Upload data, Download data, Upload Volume, Download Volume, Jitter, and Latency.

Upload data tells you how quickly data is sent from your network to an external network, whereas download data tells you how quickly data is received from an external network to your router. It's also equally important to measure latency and jitter in your network because latency measures the delay in data transfer and jitter is the change in the amount of latency due to network congestion. Internet activities like VoIP, sending emails, uploading files, and video streaming are important to maintain lower latency and a lower jitter rate for good upload speeds and uninterrupted network usage.

NetSpeed Tracker provides an all-inclusive view into the metrics mentioned above, which can help you make adjustments to the network and its speed. Network administrators can make necessary changes to the ISP to optimize the speed.

With NetFlow Analyzer and NetSpeed Tracker, traffic flow monitoring is easier than ever, helping you to improve capacity planning as well as monitor and resolve bandwidth issues more quickly. In addition to that, it's a comprehensive bandwidth and network traffic monitoring tool that uses flow technology. NetFlow Analyzer monitors and analyzes the network's speed and connectivity in terms of volume, utilization, and speed to give various insights about your network devices.

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A Great NetFlow Analyser Tool Which Makes The Life Easier For Any Network Engineer As a network engineer, having a decent Netflow analyzer like ManageEngine NetFlow analyzer really helps with benchmarking and troubleshooting network performance on various links. I almost use the tool daily with my job to have full visibility on the traffic and generate various reports. It also helped with designing, planning and implementing and monitoring an end to end QoS solution. I highly recommend the product to any network engineer.

- Network Engineer in the Finance industry