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Router traffic monitoring

Networking devices, routers and switches, form the organization’s backbone as far as IT is concerned. Router traffic monitoring thus becomes an integral part of an IT team in order to ensure that nothing goes majorly wrong with the backbone of the organization that could cripple it for quite a considerable time and have undesirable repercussions too.

Router traffic monitoring helps the IT team sense the first signs of an abnormality or a possible network incident. Early detection with the aid of a proper router bandwidth monitor can help a long way in taking corrective action to avoid downtime.

Flow-based router traffic monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure real-time traffic monitoring in your routers. Router traffic monitoring based on flow-data lets you monitor the following vital information pertaining to your network:

  • Device traffic
  • Top interfaces by speed
  • Top interfaces by utilization
  • Top applications
  • Top protocols
  • Top sources
  • Top destinations
  • Top DSCP

This information from a router traffic monitor helps a long way in router bandwidth monitoring as it gives all relevant statistics that one needs to know to enhance network performance. As an IT administrator, it is vital to monitor traffic on router to exercise control and derive the maximum productive output out of the network. Monitoring router traffic ensures seamless network bandwidth management and makes sure that the network is up and running to cater to the needs of all its users.

Monitor router network traffic with ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer for reduced network troubleshooting and problem solving time. With free router traffic monitoring, network bandwidth monitoring is as easy as it gets!

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A complete monitoring & analysis tool! We have deployed NetFlow Analyzer to monitor WAN links & configured for WAN routers. It gives detailed analysis on which type of traffic flowing through, which protocols are using more bandwidth or peak times etc. It helps us a lot on making quick decision wherever faced any issue or troubleshooting related to WAN traffic.

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