The Rising Need for Bandwidth Control Infographic

Why is there a rising need for bandwidth control?

Consumption of bandwidth has increased significantly over years when multiple technologies ranging from wireless communication to internet has evolved. By 2018, global internet traffic will already be 64 times the volume it was in 2005, a report by Cisco shows. Also, moving to high speed network connections demands for more capacity. Collaborative apps such as video conferencing, VOiP, video streaming etc. are eating up most of the bandwidth capacity.

Since, bandwidth cost is no where decreasing, you need to control it's usage and stop from buying unnecessary bandwidth. Or else, you may end up paying more to service providers than your actual need.

A recently conducted ManageEngine survey revealed that more than half of U.S. enterprises spend $300K or more per year on bandwidth management. To find out other reasons, download this infographic based on our survey conducted at Cisco Live.

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