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Free Bandwidth Management Training.

Learn how to make the most of NetFlow Analyzer.

December 6th and 13th
11:30am EST | USA, Mexico, Canada, & UK.

Attend our free training to explore more of NetFlow Analyzer and make the most of the product with live demonstrations. This is a great opportunity for you to learn some of the best practices for effective bandwidth management. The training is scheduled on December 6 and 13, 2017 at 11:30am EST.


Getting the initial settings right

December 6, 2017


  • Configuring flow exports easy way
  • Traffic grouping
  • Application mapping
  • Customized traffic monitoring
  • Alerting

Diagnosing & troubleshooting traffic issues faster

December 13, 2017


  • Customizing data storage
  • Troubleshooting with forensics
  • Reporting and automation
  • Traffic shaping
  • Customizing dashboards

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