Wireless Network Bandwidth Monitor

Next-Generation wireless network bandwidth monitoring tool

Gartner predicts that the Global will exceed $350 billion by 2022, and will continue to grow up until 2026. This is based on studies that show the BYOD approach improves productivity by upto 34% owing to benefits like improved flexibility and better and work-life balance. With the increasing number of devices to be managed in workspace, enterprises really needs to redefine its environment for improved productivity, collaboration and mobility.

However, this continuing trend will drive down company's bandwidth by connecting to wireless networks. Thus, monitoring the traffic consumed by these ever- increasing mobile devices and apps is the most crucial decision made by every organization in today's scenario.

Bringing network monitoring to next level, NetFlow Analyzer adds Cisco WLC monitoring to its list of devices to get real-time traffic reports from wireless devices. It also includes enhancements to various features such as IP group, interface group and alert profile.

The new version provides complete visibility and control of the entire wireless network environment, and lets admins to drill down for advanced reports on WLAN controllers, SSIDs, APs, and QoS.

user dashboard 

Dashboard view gives a list of top 10 details to get an overall view of entire wireless networks.

Wireless Network Bandwidth Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Get traffic data and app traffic for a specific controller and find APs, SSIDs and their associated clients with their conversation details.

Cisco WLC Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Monitor access points with SSID and client details and prevent the network from rogue access points.

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Provides communication details between client and access points which helps to find out any unauthorized client trying to access network.

Wireless Bandwidth Monitor Dashboard - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

View the clients details authorized for specific SSID and drill down further to detect any breach in the dedicated network.