Configure Threshold Rules


You might want to get alerted whenever the device usage reaches/exceeds the threshold limit. In such a condition, you can create an Threshold rule. 

To create a Threshold Rule :


Threshold Value - The value to be compared with the current usage and if exceeded generates alarm

Rearm Value     - The value at which clear alarm will be generated


To apply the Threshold Rule :
This Threshold Rule is applied to the selected Polled Data Characteristics of the selected Polling Attribute.

To view / modify a Threshold Rule :
  1. Click the name link of the Rule that needs modification.

  2. The selected values will be shown in the form below.

  3. You can change the required values and click ‘Modify Profile’.

Note: For information on configuring the Threshold Events, go through the Configure Performance Polling section.


To Delete a Threshold Rule :

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