Manage Storage Devices


OpStor provides options to add new devices or delete devices that are already discovered. It also provides the option to modify the device credentials(access details) post discovery.


To add devices, refer to 'Adding a device' page under 'Discovering Storage Devices' section.


To delete a device :

When you delete a device, all its sub-components (such as ports), its alarms, and its events are also deleted permanently from the database.


Editing / Modifying the device credentials :

Using this option, you can change/edit the existing device access details in OpStor. Suppose a device is added in OpStor and during its scheduled maintenance the password is changed. Since the device access details are changed, OpStor would not be able to collect the status or performance information. In this case, you can use the 'Edit' option and edit/modify the password in OpStor, so that it would be able to collect the information from the device.


To modify the device credentials :

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