Auto Discovery


OpStor scans the storage network and automatically discovers Fibre Channel Switches, RAIDs, Tape Libraries, and HBAs, when the server is started. OpStor discovery is primarily Out-of-band using SNMP. OpStor, when it discovers Fibre Channel Switches, also discovers its immediate neighbourhood i.e. connected devices. This is termed as discovery-via-switch.


OpStor discovery runs variety of vendor specific algorithms to completely model the discovered device. Modelling includes identifying sub components, logical interconnections and also gathering asset information. For example, when a RAID is identified, the RAID controllers in the RAID, and the ports in the controller are also discovered. Thus a complete inventory of all the storage devices and its sub-components is discovered and maintained.


OpStor also provides SNMP agents for popular HBAs based on SNIA HBA API. Using these HBA agents, In-band discovery is enabled. However, agents are not packaged along with the product. You need to download these OpStor HBA agents separately.


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